We enable digital advertisers to scale effortlessly

At Aurora we aim to support businesses of all sizes, from enterprise through to individual entrepreneurs, to scale their digital marketing.

Our suite of solutions for clients enables them to scale to multi-channel platforms sustainably and confidently, with a focus on compliance and strategy.


Adding Multi-Channel
Businesses join us for one main platform, and end up scaling across many - diversifying their portfolios.


Compliance Success Rate
We achieve consistency through compliance. We help client businesses get set for the long-term.


Less Restricted Assets
Our direct lines of support and guidance will reduce the chances of your accounts getting banned.
More than an Agency

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

We don’t just take the wheel when it comes to advertising campaigns, we train, support and guide you to making profitable campaigns and choices when it comes to your business.
Platform Expertise
Compliance Training
Local Support
Business Consulting
Reduce Banned Accounts
Ad Education
Ad Accounts
Self-Service Software
Data Source Support
Local Billing
Market Insights
Expert Media Buying
Creative Guidance

Software to Guide Your Media Buying

Overviews of Campaign Performance
Manage Multi-Channel Account Wallets
Self-Service Software and Support
Comprehensive Analytics for Ad Campaigns

End-to-End Digital Solutions

Our range of experience with our in-house team ensure that you will always achieve the highest return on investment and results from your campaigns.
Media Buying Expertise
Our account managers have experience in skyrocketing campaigns for brands.
Policy Compliance
Reduce the chances of a ban before you go live. We understand platform policy.
Campaign Feedback
Get an expert review of your landing pages and creatives to maximise results.

Sales Partner Program

Designed to enable agencies, influencers, networks and any service provider with multiple clients to maximise their results. Priority support, training and dedicated account management.
  • Standard Procedures & Training
  • Dedicated Partner Manager
  • Whitelabelled Software & Accounts
  • Platform Education & Expert Support

Aducation by Aurora

Informative, concise and detailed guidance for maximising your results across a multitude of digital platforms. Aducation by Aurora is our very own course to take you from beginner to media buying expert.
  • Guides on All Partner Platforms
  • Expert Media Buying Tips & Tricks
  • Maximise ROI on Website & Creatives
  • Real Case Studies & Brand Insights
  • Step-by-Step Information & Guides

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