Outbrain Agency Ad Accounts

Algorithmic Rapid Expansion

Boost your worldwide reach on Outbrain with clear advice, easy ad planning, simple recommendation system lessons, straightforward checks for openness, and fast help for businesses, agencies, and more.
Boost your worldwide reach on Outbrain with clear advice, easy ad planning, simple recommendation system lessons, straightforward checks for openness, and fast help for businesses, agencies, and more.

Outbrain Advertising Support for Personalized & Strategic Growth

Our full stack of solutions and consulting is designed to help all forms of business enable growth through creativity on the Outbrain platform.
On-Demand Support
Our dedicated experts will help support your campaigns and be a point of contact for Meta support.
Compliance Training
We believe in sustainable growth for all advertisers and support this with training on compliance.
Business Consulting
In-house strategic growth consultants and success managers help you hit your goals.
Self-Service Software
We are making account and campaign management easier with our own account management app.
Market Insights
Leverage our enterprise-level data and we’ll help you make the most from your campaigns.
Advertiser Investment
To support our clients’ successes, we are investing in training and building our own technologies.

Aurora App for Self-Serve Account Management

Our very own custom platform has been designed to offer an entire suite of services to boost your campaign success and improve media buying efficiency for all of our clients.

Billing & Budget Management

Fund your advertising accounts and campaigns with our in-app payment methods and balance wallet.

Remotely Access Anywhere

Never be more than a click away from full-service account management with an integrated solution.

Get Training & One-Stop Support

Support and training for your entire team. Media-buying guides and expert advice is a click away.

Sales Partner Program

Discover our Sales Partner Program, designed to assist agencies, networks, coaches and more to get the support they need for their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with Aurora?

Our expertise, direct media connections and localized support removes barriers to advertising. We aim to help you run compliant, consistent and long-term campaigns that you can scale. Plus, we provide you with advertising infrastructure, support, education and valuable tools. When you win, we win.

What are the costs?

Our services include a monthly subscription fee of $300, granting you access to unlimited agency advertising accounts on a single platform like Meta. For comprehensive advertising needs, we offer an all-inclusive package at $600 per month that provides access to unlimited advertising accounts across all 40 platforms we partner with.

For the majority of platforms, including Meta, we do not charge any additional fees for topping up your advertising accounts—there’s a 0% top-up fee. For certain platforms, a minimal top-up fee applies, which can be reduced as your advertising expenditure increases, offering you greater value as your campaigns scale up.

Can I onboard as an agency?

Absolutely. We collaborate with many agencies, offering white-label solutions that enable them to provide our agency advertising accounts to their clients. Our Sales Partner program empowers you to expand your services or launch a new branch of your business seamlessly. For a detailed overview and to explore the benefits of partnership, please contact us directly.

How long does it take to get started?

Once you've finished the registration process, we aim to get your agency advertising accounts as soon as possible. Within just one business day, we will begin the creation process and keep you updated throughout.

How much support will I receive?

Upon joining Agency Aurora, you'll be paired with a dedicated Account Manager who will be at your disposal for any inquiries or assistance you may need, seven days a week. Our high level of support ensures that your campaigns run smoothly and any challenges you encounter are addressed promptly.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use any credit or debit card for transactions. Additionally, we support bank transfers and digital banking solutions such as Revolut, Payoneer and Airwallex. We also accept cryptocurrency payments, specifically USDT.

What is your protocol for balances on advertising accounts that become closed or restricted?

In the event of account closure or restrictions, our immediate step is to leverage our platform relationships to attempt reinstatement of your account. If reinstatement is not possible, we provide you with the flexibility to either reallocate your funds to an alternative account or process a refund directly to the payment method you originally used. Rest assured, your funds are protected with us.

Get Started with Aurora

How To Work With Us


Connect with Our Team

Chat with us so we can help understand your goals and where you are at currently. We will guide you to the solutions you need to grow your business within your budget.

Complete Onboarding

We will collect some information from you to get started. This involves some compliance checks to ensure we will be a good long-term fit to work together.

Launch Your Campaigns

We will help you implement your advertising strategy, plan your budget, guide your infrastructure and set up your campaigns with our ad accounts.