aurora referral program

Get Paid Recurring Revenue Every Month

Earn another entire stream of income with our Aurora Referral Program.

We have a very generous scheme which is designed to allow your business to create an entire additional source of income simply through the advertising accounts you use on a daily basis.

Become an Affiliate
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consistent and reliable income

Endless Earning Opportunity

How much you earn from our program is completely up to you!

Every referral you send us that signs up will count. The payouts for each Agency Account service varies, but, for as long as your referred customer is subscribed with us, you will be getting paid.

We will help you by giving you assets, information and guides that you can use to promote the service in whichever way you decide. Whether you run ads, promote through word of mouth, or do larger scale campaigns, the choice is yours - we'll always hold up our end of the deal.

As an example, refer 4 friends to use our Facebook Agency Accounts, you'll be getting paid at least $1000 per month.

To discover more about our program, including the exact amounts that you can earn, click below to sign up and become an affiliate.

Become an Affiliate